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Our brains are composed of billions interconnected neurons which act in concert with other types of brain cells to provide us with our incredible capacity for cognition. Great leaps in modern neuroscience research have catalysed an explosion of commercially available nootropic supplements which aim to boost brain function.

However, neurochemistry is incredibly complex and knowing what to supplement can be overwhelming… This is where wisdom of The Golden Thinker steps in! The Thinker supplement is an evidence-based formula developed in collaboration with established neuroscientists. The Thinker effectively improves mental focus, energy and cognitive ability. Importantly, The Thinker provides nourishing ingredients which promote brain health.

Let’s delve into the key ingredients which make The Thinker so powerful.

Cognitive and Memory Enhancement

The Thinker includes a several components which boost cognition and improve memory; Green Tea Extract, Choline, and Rhodiola Rosea.

Green Tea Extract forms is a cornerstone of the cognitive enhancing effects of The Thinker. Studies have highlighted that green tea supplementation can improve blood flow within key brain regions involved in tasks such as decision making and memory. Moreover, the extract appears to increase connectivity between brain regions. This enhances cross-brain communication and, ultimately, may improve cognition and creativity.

Cognition and memory are further supported by the inclusion of Choline Bitartrate in the formula. Choline is an essential precursor molecule required for the synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This chemical messenger is one of the predominant neurotransmitters responsible for learning, memory and cognition. Supplementing choline levels improves neuronal communication, mental sharpness and memory.

Rhodiola Rosea is well-known for its ability to combat anxiety. However, numerous studies now point toward its ability to improve learning and cognition by regulating key neurotransmitters and hormones.

Improved Mental Energy and Clarity

The Thinker includes several powerful energy boosting ingredients; notably, Acetyl L-Carnitin and Thiamine (vitamin B1). Both of these components boost energy metabolism by improving mitochondrial function. Mitochondria are the ‘powerhouses’ of our cells and produce the fuel our neurons require. Supporting this energy metabolism can increase our mental energy, concentration and improve mental clarity.

Mood Support

The Thinker includes two complimentary compounds which support mood and foster alert relaxation and creativity. These are L-Theanine, an amino acid which enhances ‘alpha’ brain waves which are associated with relaxation and creativity. The second ingredient, L-Tyrosine, is a precursor to key neurotransmitters which regulate mood and stress. By regulating these neurotransmitters, L-Tyrosine balances mood, reduces stress-related anxiety and depression and creates a healthy environment for mental clarity.

Neuroprotection and Brain Health

Finally, The Thinker includes many vital nutrients for brain health. Notably, Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) and Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12). Both of these nutrients are essential for physiological function of the brain and body. Deficits in these vitamins can cause a range of cognitive deficits.

Importantly, many of the previously mentioned ingredients of The Thinker confer neuroprotective benefits. For example. the benefits of green tea stretch beyond cognition. Green tea extract contains molecules called catechins. These catechins act as natural antioxidants which can help to protect neurons and maintain brain health.

The Thinker is designed with cognition, performance, mood and well-being in mind, leading to well-balanced outcomes that optimise daily function. The formula offers immediate benefits to performance but also confers positive long-term outcomes – the best of both worlds!

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