Noopept Tests On Humans

Noopept Tests On Humans

There has not been much research done so far on humans, but the first data indicates that Noopept can benefit people with central nervous system disorders.

In one of the studies (Neznamow and Teleshova 2009), the effectiveness of Noopep was compared to piracetam. The participants of the study were 53 people with mild psychoorganic disorders resulting from stroke or trauma. Some of these people suffered from organic affective instability (asthenic), characterized by mood swings, fatigability and somatic symptoms, such as headaches and dizziness. Others, however, were diagnosed with a syndromes resulted by concussion, which are pain and dizziness, fatigue, irritability, susceptibility to stress, problems with concentration and performance of mental tasks, memory disorders, insomnia.

The treatment lasted for 56 days during which some people took 20 mg of Noopept daily and 1200 mg per day of piracetam. During the study, 4 people that were receiving Noopept and 8 that were receiving piracetam resigned from the therapy, usually due to side effects or lack of effects.

Noopept showed high effectiveness in people with post-stroke disorders, the first effects were visible already in the first week of therapy, when their tendency to irritation decreased and sleep improved. In patients with post-concussion syndrome, effects such as reduced emotional instability, anxiety and weakness were also observed, although they occurred later in 3-4 weeks. From the third week of therapy, the participants of the study could notice an improvement in attention and memory.

In comparison to piracetam, Noopept was better in the treatment of neurotic symptoms and comparatively effective in improving cognitive functioning (memory, concentration). At the same time Noopept caused less and less onerous side effects (they included sleep disorders, irritability and increased blood pressure).

The effectiveness of Noopept in healthy people

Previous studies indicate that Noopept can benefit people with brain disorders such as neurodegenerative diseases, conditions after strokes and injuries. More clinical trials are needed so that the substance can be registered as a medicine, but for now the results are promising.

Does this mean that Noopept can also improve the functioning of healthy people who want to achieve better results at school or work? Such conclusions can not be drawn. So far no studies have been done on the effectiveness of Noopept in healthy people, and the fact that it reduces brain disorders does not mean that it will improve functioning if the disorder is not present.

People who decide to take Noopept in order to increase their productivity at work or school should therefore be aware that they are doing experiments on themselves and it is not known whether and what results it will bring. If you want to buy noopept online, consider reliable stores only.

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